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  • University of Craiova was founded in April 1947 and established by Law 138/25.
  • University of Craiova is a state institution for first-tier higher education and during the institutional evaluation of the Romanian Quality Assurance Agency in 2009 it obtained the High confidence degree”.
  • During all the national and international rankings in the last 20 years, University of Craiova was ranked in the top 10 universities in Romania.
  • According to the University Ranking by Academic Performance 2011, University of Craiova is placed in category B, ranked the 1630th in the world (link).
  • According to the web ranking of World Universities in July 2012, University of Craiova is ranked 10/111 in the ranking of Romanian universities and 1222 in the world ranking.
  • According to the World Top Universities and Colleges 2012, it ranked 8th (in Romania) and 1421th (in the world) (link)
  • University Web Ranking 2012 places University of Craiova on the 10th place among the Romanian universities and on the 1707th place in the world (link). A university with an international vocation.
  •  University of Craiova is an integral part of the European and international academic community, sharing its cultural, moral, scientific and educational values.
  • The University of Craiova is affiliated with the EUA – European Universities Association; CER – Conference of European Rectors; IAU – International Association of Universities; IAUP – International Association of University Presidents; AUF – Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (University Agency of Francophonie); BSUN – Black Sea Universities Network; AEUA – Association of Arab and European Universities etc.
  •  University of Craiova has 122 ERASMUS partnerships and 25 other partnerships in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.